Did Nasa’s Spirit Mars rover spot signs of life on the red planet in 2007?

Did Nasa’s Spirit Mars rover spot signs of life on the red planet in 2007? Researchers say mysterious deposits ‘closely resemble’ those found at hot springs on Earth
NASA Spirit rover found silica deposits at Mars feature called ‘Home Plate’
Now, researchers have compared them with deposits from Chile’s El Tatio
They found that the Mars samples have similar finger-like structures
Researchers say this site may be a good place to look for biosignatures.
It’s been five years since NASA ended the Spirit rover’s mission, but now, researchers say the robot may have discovered traces of life during its Mars investigation.
A team of geoscientists has discovered that silica deposits from a region on the red planet dubbed ‘Home Plate’ closely resemble those that form in Chilean hot springs at El Tatio.
On Earth, these complex finger-like structures arise from a combination of biological and non-biological activity, suggesting a similar process may have taken place on Mars.
According to the researchers at Arizona State University, the hot springs at El Tatio in the Atacama Desert are among the best ‘Mars analog’ sites on Earth.
In the new study, published to the journal Nature Communications, the team found that deposits at El Tatio are nearly identical to samples discovered eight years ago by the Spirit rover at Home Plate, in the Columbia Hills of Mars’ Gusev Crater.

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